Azim Hasham Premji 

Azim Premji was named the ‘Corporate Citizen of the Year’ for the Premji Foundation’s tireless work in educating primary school children  . Wipro’s Azim Premji to the second position with a net worth of about Rs 64,700 crore….”…

Azim Hashim Premji (born July 24, 1945) is an Indian businessman and Chairman& CEO of one of the largest software companies in
India, Wipro Technologies He was rated the richest person in the country from 1999 to 2005 by Forbes.

·        Mr. Premji ranked as the world’s 6th richest IT Titan in the Forbes List.  

·          Azim Premji amongst the 100 most influential people in the world – Time, April, 2004

·        Azim Premji voted the 15th most powerful man in the world – Asia Week, Power 50, 2000

·         The Indian

Institute of
Technology, Roorkee and the Manipal Academy of Higher Education have both conferred honorary doctorates on him.

·         He is also a member of the Prime Minister’s Committee for Trade and Industry in

·           Mr. Premji conferred with ‘Padma Bhushan’ award – Times Group, 2005 

        Azim Premji named Business Leader of the Year – Times Group, 2004

·        “Businessman of the Year” – Business
India, December 11 to 24, 2000


 Azim is an absolute workaholic .According to him the only way to success and survival in a competitive world is work. Premji’s success shows his determination, perseverance  ,  clear vision, proper planning and knowledge. He is a straight forward person who doesn’t believe in resorting to bribery. Premji had great tolerance for eccentricity and dissent. Premji has impressed many business leaders with his honesty, financial discipline etc. .

Following are the tips for success

• Never compromise on fundamental values, no matter what the situation.
• Build up self-confidence, always look ahead.
• Always have the best around you, even if they are better than you are.
• Have an obsessive commitment to quality.
• Play to win.
• Leave the rest to the force beyond


Azim Premji is a graduate in Electrical Engineering from
Stanford University, USA. On the sudden demise of his father in 1966, Premji took on the mantle of leadership of Wipro at the age of 21. Premji started off in Wipro with a simple Vision – to build an organization on a foundation of Values.. Over the years, Azim Premji has received many honors and accolades, which he believes are recognitions for each person who has contributed to Wipro. He was adjudged the Business Man of the Year 2000 by Business India and as the Business Leader of the Year 2004 by the Economic Times. Financial Times included him in the list of top 25 billionaires who have done most to bring about significant and lasting social, political or cultural changes (November 2004). Time listed him (April 2004) as one amongst 100 most influential people in the world. He was named by Fortune (August 2003) as one of the 25 most powerful business leaders outside the US, Forbes (March 2003) listed him as one of ten people globally, who have the most “power to effect change” and Business Week (October 2003) featured him on their cover with the sobriquet “
India’s Tech King”.

The Indian

Institute of
Technology, Roorkee and the Manipal Academy of Higher Education have both conferred honorary doctorates on him. He is also a member of the Prime Minister’s Committee for Trade and Industry in
India. In January 2005, the Government of India conferred upon him the Padmabhushana, one of the highest civilian awards in the country.




October 19, 2006


MR.L.N.Mittal was born in sadulpur, rajastan. His father was a business man .His father had   small business relating to ispat. At the tender age of 26 Lakshmi Mittal was dispatched to
Indonesia to oversee the family’s mill now called Ispat Indo. Lakshmi Mittal parted ways with his father’s in 1995. In the late ’80s, Mittal moved into acquisition mode and bought mills in places like Trinidad and followed that up in
Canada. The greatest coup was when he snapped up the loss-making Sibalsa Mill in

Mexico for $220 million in 1992. The 20-year-old facility was originally built by the Mexican Government for around $2 billion. Most steel industry analysts say the deal was extremely favorable and till recently the plant was the mainstay of the LNM Empire. Says Mittal: “The major companies in eastern Europe are now privatized. The opportunities now lie in the enlargement of the EU into central and eastern Europe.”  London-based Ispat International (now Mittal Steel) and its founder Lakshmi Niwas Mittal recently became the world’s biggest steel maker, and have been named by Forbes magazine as the world third richest business man. At the time of accelor agreement mittal had two options. Either he will have seized the global crown or he will be a million tones or so behind accelor the current world number one. But there   is a vital difference between MITTA‘s LMN group & ACCELOR. Four years ago, as the steel industry slumped into one of the worst recessions in modern times, it was belt-tightening time at the LNM Group. He attempted to marry technology and steel by setting up an e-exchange where steel could be traded, but the effort was aborted, in 2003 Mittal is triumphantly reaching for the top. Despite the recession, he bought stakes in four companies in three years and has almost doubled capacity. In the process the LNM Group has moved from 6th position in the industry to the second slot. It has pulled this off in the face of mounting competition from other industry giants who are now trying to emulate Mittal’s tactics .MITTAL told that “there have been a number  interesting opportunities over the past three years , as the result of which  we have we have grown considerably in the relative short period of time .” As the LNM Group turns around smartly the profits have also poured in. In 2002 on revenues of $8.7 billion the group made net profits of $613 million. The biggest profits are coming from Mittal’s riskiest and most ambitious buy. The giant Karmet steelworks in

Kazakhstan bought in 1995 was reckoned to be a knife-edge gamble when it was bought. Famously, when the LNM Group bought the plant, it also inherited the local branch of the KGB and the steel town’s tram service. Today production has climbed from 2.2 million tones when the LNM Group took over to 5.2 million tones. Mittal has a remarkable eye for a bargain and has figured the art of turning around rundown steel mills — also he is willing to walk away from a deal if the price is not right. Once LNM takes over a plant — whether in Kazakhstan or in Canada — it flies in a crack team that always includes large numbers of Indian executives .LNM Groups got profit of $ 775 million IPO was seven times oversubscribed and its shares opened at $28.5. That year The Sunday Times reckoned that Mittal was one of

Britain’s richest tycoons worth around £2.2 billion. ONGC, L.N. MITTAL group ink pacts for energy businessIn July 23 the state owned oil & natural gas corporation & Mittal investment sarl, one of the investment arms of the Mittal group  enter into two memorandum of understanding to from two oversees joint venture companies ongc Mittal energy ltd & ongc Mittal service ltd. The two groups will corporate in exploration ,development,evalution,& related consequential progress of hydrocarbon in the form of  oil ,condensates, gas, in various countries.Mittal  is a world renowned entrepreneur & investor  .